1:1 Sessions

for individuals

Providing you with a toolkit to meet life's challenges

What problems might bring people to mental health coaching? 

  • Feeling stressed, exhausted and overwhelmed
  • They might have been signed off work by the GP for a short time to recover
  • They might be struggling with anxiety
  • They might be struggling with a low mood
  • They might have a mental health diagnosis but want to work toward a life goal to make them feel happier
  • They might have had a serious mental health problem and been in therapy and now want to work toward getting their lives ‘back on track’

What is mental health coaching and how does it work?

This uses the cognitive behavioural framework to support adults living with mental health difficulties. It is action oriented with an emphasis on improving one’s life and achieving goals for the future. I facilitate change in the client’s behaviour by providing expertise and supporting them to remain ‘on track’ with goals and challenges. It focuses on tackling psychological blocks to achievement, how to manage their mental health difficulty, how to follow a recovery plan, how to live more healthily and generally how to get their life ‘back on track’.

I offer one to one individual sessions at an address in Guildford, or online if that is easier. Sessions last an hour and I usually start by seeing people weekly with the frequency being reduced as the person feels more in control of their situation and more able to achieve goals. I usually offer short term support, but this is assessed on an individual basis.

How might mental health coaching help you? – Benefits

  • You will be offered a safe space to discuss your difficulties and how to address them
  • You will learn problem solving techniques so that you can directly tackle these as they arise in the future even without my support
  • You will be supported to work toward goals with guidance, despite your mental health diagnosis
  • You will learn how thinking affects your mood and how to change your thinking so that you can feel happier and lead a more fulfilled life
  • You will learn about how stress affects your body and how to make yourself feel better
  • You will learn about how anxiety and depression affect you and how to manage them to help you live life again

What is the difference between mental health coaching and therapy for a mental health diagnosis?

Whilst as a coaching psychologist I may use the same theoretical frameworks as a therapist, there are clear differences between the two interventions.

Firstly, coaching focuses less on emotional regulation and is primarily concerned by the pursuit of a goal in the present and the future.

Secondly, there will also be less focus on the diagnosis (if a client has one) and more on outcome. The idea behind mental health coaching is that the client is largely ‘functional’ in their life but might be struggling in certain aspects. Therapy is largely concerned with dysfunctional behaviour.

Who would not be suitable for mental health coaching?

There are certain situations where it would not be appropriate to have mental health coaching:

  • Where a more complex mental health diagnosis prevents someone focusing on a goal
  • In situations where someone might be ‘stuck in the past’ and unable to focus on the present and future
  • In situations where medication might need time to work before they can take an active lead in their recovery
  • Where emotional disturbance is too high

How to Book

1:1 sessions can be arranged to take place as a face to face consultation or via a virtual consultation using Zoom. Please get in touch to arrange your session.